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Business aDSL Value Packages

Main Features
Speed 768k/128k 1Mbps/384k 1.5Mbps/384k 3Mbps/768k 7Mbps/768k
Monthly Price $31.95/mo $34.95/mo $39.95/mo $49.95/mo $79.95/mo
Term Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly
FREE Activation
FREE Modem Lease
FREE Router Lease
Email Addresses 10 10 10 10 10
Email Storage Up to 10MB Up to 10MB Up to 10MB Up to 10MB Up to 10MB
Bronze Web Hosting

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Business aDSL Value Packages w/Static IP (Limited Availability)

Main Features
Standard IP
HomeOffice IP
UltraOffice IP
Speed 1.5Mbps/384k 3Mbps/384k 6Mbps/768k
Monthly Price $49.95/mo $59.95/mo $69.95/mo
Term 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
IP Address 1 Static 1 Static 1 Static
FREE Activation
Modem Fee $35 $35 $35
FREE Router Lease
Email Addresses 10 10 10
Email Storage Up to 10MB Up to 10MB Up to 10MB
Basic Web Hosting

DSL Terms Coverage Area

* Sign up now for high speed DSL and get this special promotional rate of $39.95 per month for the first 3 months, $49.95 thereafter (*some restrictions apply).

All Prices based on new signups which the promotional rate is guaranteed for 6 months and subject to change with 30days notice, contact a sales rep for more information. Click here for non-promotional rates and packages. Service is not available in all areas or on all telephone lines and is subject to circuit availability and final verification by Widomaker. Actual speeds may vary. Speed and uninterrupted use of service are not guaranteed. Offer limited to business customers ordering new DSL service. Limit one offer per DSL line or customer. Other terms and conditions apply. Widomaker reserves the right to revoke or amend this offer without notice. Other restrictions apply. If service is cancelled, return of any leased/loaned modem equipment is required or $99 fee applies (per device). Some users may need to purchase an Ethernet adapter. 'Standalone' DSL service may require up to a $99/hour on-site service fee (subject to change and based on 3rd party contractor availability and hourly rates). Modem is a new or fully inspected, tested, and warranted return unit. Taxes may apply!

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