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My Lock, My Key.
Got Meade?
Hiya. Thanks for dropping by. This is my homepage. I usually say that it's under evolution, and if that's the case, this main page lately experienced the rise of the mammals. I've written a lot more pages since I wrote the "original" page, and wanted to make those pages easier to find. There's more here than just those pages, of course. A little information about myself, and some links to neat places. So, thanks for coming by. Have fun browsing.
Random Scribblings In the never-ending effort to spread my thoughts and opinions as far as I can, I've started sort of an online journal/yammerfest. Come on in and see what's going on today. I never know what I'm going to say, so there's no way you're getting any advance warning either.
Thieves and KingsThieves & Kings is a black and white, self-published comic book that is, in my opinion, quite possibly the best comic out there. No, it doesn't have superheroes in spandex. It's got thieves, wizards, sorceresses, imps, princesses, magic crowns, dragons, and a fully planned story arc, expected to last 100 issues. I'm quite pleased with the pages I've written up for it. Take a look!
Way back when, when I was still in college (all a couple of years ago), and my page was hosted on a little Mac SE shoved in a corner where no one would see it, this was my bit of original content on the Web. Back in the days of Mosaic. Yahoo being at Stanford. Cool Site of the Day run by Glenn Davis, and not having its own domain name. All of two years ago or so. Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, the glow theory.
I've got a few links pages you're welcome to drop in on if none of the above is to your liking.

walker@widomaker.com -- Matt Brooks