Old Stuff



Psych. I'm still here.

My project has been in official crazy levels of work since mid-February. That's not a complete excuse for why I haven't written anything -- Liz puts up a daily entry regardless of how busy she is at work. I just lack her dedication or something.

I hate working through the weekends. I usually come out of it feeling physically okay (the trick: full night sleep on Sunday night), but mentally I'm lost. I'm trying to remember to tear off the day-by-day calendar page, and use that as my reference to which day of the week it is (today, for example, is Monday. If I say that often enough, I might reset my brain so it remembers it). I drank way too much caffeinated soda Saturday, and didn't go to sleep until 5AM Saturday night/Sunday morning as a result.

One of the worst feelings is lying in bed, and trying to go to sleep. This weekend, there were stretches were I was wondering, "Have I forgotten how to go to sleep?", or "Do I pet the cat? I can't remember if I'm supposed to be petting the cat or not while I'm trying to sleep.".

But, hopefully this chaos will be past, soon. And I might start writing more once that happens.

I wouldn't bank on it or anything, but it's possible, right?