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Shifting Gears

Nothing really schwanky, just a little update, so I can semi-vent.

The manager for my project met with the customer, and the customer had some feedback. This is good. Feedback makes the application better. In this case, there were two main points the customer wished to make.

The first point was that they wanted to write a whole new event into the application. No, the data it would collect isn't actually reported anywhere, but they'd really like for it to be collected, and have the ability to print out reports with this information on it. Well, um, okay. The customer is always right and that sort of thing. We'll start on it right away, and hopefully get it done RSN.

The second point was that they didn't like the proposed timeline, which called for a two-month test of the application and its processes starting in Aprl, followed by an analysis of the process, comparison to how things were done before, etc. They wanted a year-long test, starting in October.


So, the good news is we don't have this deadline breathing down our neck anymore. Well, we do sort of have it, since the project has already gone into testing (yes, we're making large changes to it after it's gone into testing. I don't know how I live with myself.), and I'd like for it to wrap up its testing in a reasonable timeframe, but still... I look at all the weekends and long nights I put into this, polishing my parts, making sure that I'd get it in by the deadline... only to find out the deadline was an apparition.

The rough part about this is this is the first project I'm a "technical lead" on -- I'm responsible for co-ordinating the programmers and keeping communication going between the technical folks and the project manager, who talks to the customer. How am I going to get the programmers to take a deadline seriously after something like this, where it's shown to just be a made-up date, changed at the customer's whim? Bah.

So, anyway, my work life has decompressed itself, and I'll be able to relax. Hopefully. That's all for now, more news as it happens.

Watch Sports Night. I don't care if you don't like sports. You have to like sports to watch Sports Night about as much as you have to like the military to watch M*A*S*H.