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Segue to Nowhere

A mini-update, since I basically disappeared after my last entry:

After a week or so of decompression, the old deadline was suddenly reinstated, along with the requirements for when it was due in October. Needless to say, all of a sudden there was a lot of fevered work going on, and my idle time at work (when I actually write in here, lately) vanished.

Then, the ISP I used implemented a quota system, putting a limit on both the total file size, and on the total number of files I could have(the first is a disk quota, the second a file quota). I was over quota on both the disk quota and file quota. Oops. I moved some image files over to another server, and that pretty well took care of the disk quota problem, but it didn't handle the file quota problem. Not by a long shot. I was allowed 250 files, and I had 450+ files on the system, mostly web pages (Small files. Tiny files). Once the 7 day grace period expires on the quota, I couldn't create any new files. This really, really was a pain, since a lot of the little programs I run when I log into my ISP (checking mail, for instance) try to create temporary files. I slashed and deleted and burned and got myself down to 376 files, and I couldn't delete anything else without deleting this section of my website, my Thieves & Kings pages, or the website I'd created for my 7th Sea game.

I ended up writing the Widomaker staff, and after a while they wrote back, and said that they were still working on what would be the limits, and they upped my file limit to 500. So, I can write again, but my passivity is encouraged, since I have a bit in limit on how much I can yammer (in the UNIX filesystem, directories count as a files, so I'm also thinking of reorganizing things so the directory tree isn't so deep).

Anyway, more some other time, with humor like, "Martin Lawrence shouldn't make movies with titles like What's the Worst that Could Happen?" and links to sites like Boston Sports Guy (Sample Quotes: "They should enroll Tom Green and Drew Barrymore's fetus in drug rehab right now, just to save everybody some time." and "The greatest baseball at-bat of all-time would be Shea Hillenbrand versus Rick Ankiel.")