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What's going on?

What's going on here? Anything i want.

I'll admit that I've been influenced by reading a fair number of pages of people expressing thoughts and opinions that I've really liked. And, not being a person who knows when to Shut Up, I'm trying to get my own set of pages off the ground and running. All I've got to offer is my own skewed set of opinions, and a penchant for odd phrases.

If you disagree with anything that I post, and can coherently express yourself, feel free to write up a dissenting viewpoint and either post it on your own website, or send it to me. If I think it's worthwhile, I'll link to it/post it here.

Also, I've become quite taken with the Georgia font from Microsoft, and it's the default font for these pages. Go get it, install it (they've got TrueType versions for both the Mac and PeeCee), and see what it looks like.

That's it.