What is this?


Old Stuff


Why is this here?

I'm doing this for a very basic reason.

I want to.

I enjoy writing, whether I'm explaining my viewpoints or just going for a laugh. And ever since I graduated a few years ago, and stopped sending several e-mail messages a day to friends on campus that espoused some hair-brained principle or skewered something happening in the news, I haven't really had a place to get out all this stuff that I've wanted to say.

I've also had some really kind friends who keep saying that I should write more, that they've really enjoyed the stuff I have written and put on the web -- like Liz's and my wedding page. And, dammit, I just can't let them down.

This is going to be my warehouse of opinions, bizarre stories, and the occasional blue-faced screaming fit. Stick around. It's gonna be a blast.