Thieves and Kings Concordance

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This page is intended to serve as a semi-complete listing of all the terms, names, and other references in Thieves and Kings. As such, it DOES contain things that are considered "spoilers". The numbers in parentheses refer to the issue number that I pulled the information from. I compiled this myself, occasionally at 1AM, so it is probably (and unfortunately) somewhat lacking in parts. For that reason, if you notice something that seems a little off, please let me know about it! PLEASE! I want to hear things you'd like to see added, things I might have spelled wrong, ANYTHING! Thanks. :-)

The index should now (April 30, 2000) be updated through issue #31. If I missed something, or a definition isn't quite up to par, please let me know.

Just as a note of credit, I got the idea for the formatting of the concordance from the Poison Elves Concordance Page. A fine piece o' work. Also all characters, place names, etc in this concordance are M'Oak's work. All the other stuff is my toil. ;-)

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