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Okay, while this shoulda been clear from the first page, I'm going to repeat it here just for the sake of being thorough. ALL the images on this page are drawn by M'Oak, and are owned lock, stock, and barrel by HIM, © 19??-1999. Not me. Not even remotely. Got it? His artwork. I just put some of HIS pictures here because they're cool. Some of the covers can be seen through links on the Issues page. I was poking through the hard drive and found some things I'd meant to upload a while ago. Anyway, the findings necessitated the creation of a second image page. Some web surfing found an eye-popper for a third page. Go look.

Rubel, with Varkias on his shoulder, from issue #3 (I think) The Queen of Halves
Rubel, falling in a pot, from Issue #10

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If you've got a hankering to see what an untoned page looks like, take a gander at this example from issue #20! It's rather large (about 800 x 1350), but if you download it and throw it into a graphic viewer program (yours truly is a big fan of Paint Shop Pro) it prints out wonderfully.

Last modified December 10, 1997.

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