Never heard of Thieves and Kings? Maybe just seen one of the covers in your local comic-book store, but didn't peek inside to see what there was to enjoy? Well, in that case, read on, gentle traveller. The following gives away a teeny bit of the story, but no introduction can hope to introduce without making things ever so slightly more familiar. In any case, no spoilers follow... or, check out the preview comment from Diamond's publication of the same name!

Rubel is a thief, who has been away at sea for a few years. He is still a boy, but a very special one. Earlier, he had become the princess's thief, and swore powerful oaths to her that only a true thief can swear. He has returned to his home city only to have many difficulties befall him. The captain of his ship has less than honorable intentions, a personal tragedy strikes when he least expects it, but perhaps most upsetting of all...

...the princess is gone.

That's all I can say without getting too close to giving things away. Go check out this book!

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