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My, my, things are changing around these parts! Here's what's on this page. Each issue, and the date following it is a link to a page about that issue, containing little tidbits of trivia and such that might be of interest. As with the Concordance, assistance is welcomed. Then, the line that says "Cover" after each of the issues is a link to a small image of the cover for that issue. Many thanks to Jason Presley for scanning these in #1-18 for me, as well as the Octopus of DeeP Collectibles for the usage of his almighty scanner! The images are fairly small (~60K) so they don't take a day and a half to download, and should tempt you into going out and buying the individual issues. :-) Issue #15's notes have been corrected by M'Oak, so take a peek!

Of late, I've gotten some very welcome help from Sol Foster (email) and Brian Birgen (email) with even more in depth notes and questions on the issues. The end goal we're shooting for is something akin to the Babylon 5 Lurker's Guide, or the Sandman Annotations, but for Thieves & Kings. What we really need to reach that level of depth is a lot of people reading T&K, and then telling how they either agree or disagree with various interpretations of what happens, possible answers to questions, etc. Your humble site architect reads both rec.arts.comics.alternative and rec.arts.comics.misc watching vigilantly for and Thieves and Kings commentary that comes down the pipe. So let's talk it up!

I'm going to start marking issue informations that have been fiddled with in the last two weeks with the little New! image, since I do tend to go back and make changes and additions as time passes.

Well... that's it. Anyone got any more ideas? Anyone know the secret titles for issues? Heck, I'm listening!

Last modified October 10, 2000

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