Well! Here we are! Liz and I have realized, slowly at first, then with greater and greater anxiety (think Indiana Jones, in the beginning of Raider's of the Lost Ark, as he turns and sees that huge damn boulder start to inexorably roll down the ramp) that a wedding isn't so much a joyful event where two people are joined together in a blessed union for the rest of their lives, but the biggest test of two people's (and their families') organizational and planning skills since the pharoahs looked out at the Egyptian desert and thought "Y'know, a really big pyramid would look just perfect right there."

This isn't to say we're regretting getting married. No, sir. We're just rethinking having told anyone about it beforehand. ;-) Anyway, in a much-needed attempt to keep our senses of humor about the whole situation, we've created these pages. We're going to drop little stories about the mad frantic situations that come up (and there really seems to be no shortage of them, the more I think about it)

To reflect the two points of view in this thing, you'll be able to tell who is talking by the fonts. Good ole Times Roman is going to be the voice of me, Matt, the beleaguered groom, while Liz's words will all be in an Arial font.

And, without further ado . . .

Tales from the Wedding
Liz's Anecdotes Matt's Anecdotes
The Proposal Getting the ring (and more)
The planning starts early Tables, not just for HTML anymore
Getting the ring
Finding a place for the wedding
Unique Gifts?

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