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Widomaker sDSL broadband service that delivers the features you need at a price you can afford. When there’s a need to increase the capacity of conventional telephone lines, Widomaker Broadband is the way to go for network access speeds that are up to 100 times faster than dial-up.

Widomaker Broadband solutions can meet your needs for always-on speed whether the requirement is for symmetric DSL (SDSL), or ISDN DSL (IDSL).

The Widomaker Broadband Solution is a business-class broadband connection packed with business productivity and enhancing features that support multiple users, Web sites, and enterprise applications.

DSL services include:

  • DSL connection
  • Business-class router
  • Static IP Address Available*
With Widomaker Broadband you get a wide range of speeds to support your needs.



Monthly Price


144K x 144K



192k x 192k


384k x 384k


768k x 768k


1.0Mbps x 1.0Mbps


1.5Mbps x 1.5Mbps


sDSL Terms SLA Terms Coverage Area

Call for Details: 757.253.7621

*Additional fees may apply - All speeds & pricing not available in all areas. IP's must be justified for assignment in compliance with RFC2050. Prices based on new customer signup only with a 1yr term. Subject to change without notice!

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