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Residential DSL Value - Basic 768K

Broadband Facts


Residential DSL Value - Basic 768K

Fixed Broadband Consumer Disclosure

Monthly Price $24.95

This Monthly Price is not an introductory rate.

This Monthly Price does not require a contract.

Additional Charges & Terms

Provider Monthly FeesNone
One-time Fees
  • Purchased Modem$59.95
  • *Self-Installation is available for regular Lineshare DSL, over a phone line with active phone service.$0
  • *Professional Installation for "Standalone" DSL, over a phone line without active phone service, requires hiring a third party at the customer's expense.$ Varies
Early Termination Fee None
Government Taxes Varies by Location

Discounts & Bundles

No Discounts available.

Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)

The ACP is a government program to help lower the monthly cost of internet service. To learn more about the ACP, including to find out whether you qualify, visit

Participates in the ACP No

Speeds Provided with Plan

Typical Download Speed 0.7 Mbps

Typical Upload Speed 0.34 Mbps

Typical Latency 44 ms

Data Included with Monthly Price Unlimited

No policies provided.

Customer Support

Contact Us: (757) 253-7621

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